Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sitting on a Sidewalk

Her tears had finally stemmed their flow, but she sincerely wished her bloody nose would do the same. Honestly, how long could it keep bleeding? It had been quite a few hours now, and while it certainly wasn't flooding down her face the constant trickle down her lip and chin was becoming itchy.

"Excuse me, little girl?"She jumped and turned to look at the man who had addressed her, her hazel eyes wide and panicked. She certainly hadn't heard anyone approach her! She leaned back away from him and he stopped his advance, sensing her distrust. After all, it was late, and he was strange. It was only natural for her to be wary even if she was young. Her eyes narrowed and looked him over carefully leaning just a little farther back as he took another step forward."I apologize for startling you, but I was concerned. Are you alright?"She saw his eyes flick from her slightly bruised face and bloody nose down to her scraped knee before returning his attention to her eyes. She frowned and turned her head forward and watching him out of the corner of her eye."I'm not to talk to strangers." came her brusque response as she pulled her knees up towards her chest."Ah," he said, the corner of his mouth twitching up in amusement."Well, I believe I have a way around that!" He took another step forward before lowering himself to sit a few feet away on the curb beside her. "My name is Raven. May I inquire as to yours?"She stared. This was his way around the rule? Her eyebrows furrowed at him in confusion. Honestly, why did he care?"...Azriel. My name's Azriel.""There, see? Now we aren't strangers anymore."

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