Monday, February 11, 2013

Missed and Moved

So ya'll can see that I haven't been very active lately. In fact, I completely missed last weeks IF topic (much to my consternation, must get back on the wagon!). I should be getting back to the drawing board this week however since I'm a little more settled.
The reason is because last weekend I moved back to my hometown in Vermont! So between trying to get settled into my new environment and my son wanting to be outside in the snow with the dogs, it's been a bit trying. So I will be making a bunch of scheduled posts with some older sketches of mine to fill the gap for a little while. I'll been throwing in new ones now and then, but till I'm back on my feet it's older works.

For a very long time I played World of Warcraft online and as
such I incorporated other real life characters I had created
into the game world. Amber is one such creation.
She is pictured below in her chest piece with her
bronze dragon mount.

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